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Englo Inc. Optimal Flume Water Filters for Beet Sugar Refineries

Recover Water, Remove Beet Debris and
Lighten Water Treatment Systems Load


West Virginia based Englo Inc. manufactures flume water filters for use by beet sugar refineries for solid debris removal. Beet debris and leaf fibers captured from wash water are directed onto a filter belt and are then separated with particle size removal flexibility. In some facilities, beet debris containing sugar is recycled. Return on investment from an Englo Optimal brand flume water filter can sometimes be achieved in one single sugar campaign.


Englo Inc. Optimal flume water filters are available in a variety of flow capacities. Units are available having capacities in the thousands of gallons per minute. The filter belts used by Englo for its flume water filters are constructed of extremely resistant plastic. Replacement of filter belts, when necessary due to normal wear and tear, can be performed with relative ease.


Wash water is filtered through the mesh openings in the filter belt. The load to the refinery water treatment systems is greatly reduced by effective flume water prefiltration.


Debris and beet leaf fibers rest on the surface of the belt and are discarded in the direction that the belt is conveyed for further processing downstream. A scraper blade cleans the surface of the belt. Filtered water passes through a fully enclosed sump section of the filter and is then discharged through outlets in the sump.


Englo’s Optimal flume water filter is a gravity belt filter. It consists of a robust frame having a screw-mounted water distribution box. Contaminated water is directed towards the center of the water distribution box. This flume water is evenly distributed over the entire width of the filter. At the overflow, flume water passes over a guide plate onto the surface of the belt.

Continuous Loop Filter Belt - No Media Required


Custom for Product


Two Part Epoxy/Painted Carbon Steel

Indexing Motor Power:

0.25 hp-0.50hp 120/240v

Filter Media:

Continuous Loop or Roll Media

Rated Throughput:

Up to 100 gpm

Adjacent Mounted Tank Storage Capacity:

75-165 gal - Custom Design for Application

Pump Package:

0.5hp, 115v Surge, 10hp, 230/460v Pressure

Indexing Control:

Float Switch

Approximate Dimensions:

L-78" x W-53" x H-45"


Mechanical Squeezer, Tote Box, Pump Package

Up to 80% less Water Use
Recover Water & Remove Solids

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