A Reliable, Economical Way to Filter Liquids

The DBG 37C is a water/solids separator capable of continuous operation with minimal maintenance. Operation of the unit is simple: add dirty water — get clean water and solids out.

Optimal DBG-37 - Gravity Water Separator Specifications


Wood and Fibrous Materials/Gravity Separator


Two Part Epoxy/Painted Carbon Steel

Indexing Motor Power:

0.25 hp-0.50hp 120/240v

Filter Media:

Continuous Self Cleaning

Rated Throughput:

Up to 100 gpm

Adjacent Mounted Tank Storage Capacity:

75-165 gal

Pump Package:

Discharge and Supply Custom Designed to Suit Purpose

Indexing Control:

Float Switch

Approximate Dimensions:

L-78" x W-53" x H-45"


Mechanical Squeezer, Tote Box, Pump Package

How It Works

Contaminated liquid "percolates" by gravity through the media, leaving behind the suspended solids. There is more head pressure available to "push" the liquid through the media as solids are deposited. The solids are then scraped from the surface of the rolled media as the media exits the deep bed and drops into a sludge hopper for disposal.

The Optimal DBG models run 24/7, with a low power consumption. Since no fabric filters are used, the filter never needs to be changed out. The DBG models handle extremely dirty water and liquids.


Optional Squeezer Attachment

The Squeezer Attachment regulates the pressure of the rollers, limiting the moisture content in the solids discharge.


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